How does a paper cup machine make a shaped paper cup?

Disposable paper cup is a kind of paper container made of the original printing paper made of analytical chemical wood paddle for mechanical processing, manufacturing and bonding. It has a cup-shaped appearance and can be used for frozen products and hot drinks in winter. The paper cup machine is an industrial equipment that automatically produces fan-shaped paper into disposable paper cups. It has the characteristics of safety, health, lightness and convenience. It is an ideal mechanical equipment for hotel rooms, restaurants, restaurants, milk tea shops and fruit juice drinks shops. Paper cylinder forming machine

The forming and manufacturing process of the paper cup machine is not complicated. The disposable paper cup is mainly composed of two parts: the inside of the cup and the bottom of the cup. Therefore, the forming and manufacturing process of the paper cup machine is to produce the inside and the wall of the cup respectively, and the carton machine factory will firmly integrate them.

The disposable paper cup produced by the paper cup machine is mainly made of coated printing paper. The paper taken from the cup wall can be printed and packaged in advance, and then produced into a fan shape. The paper taken from the cup can be rolled. The forming and manufacturing process of the paper cup machine is as follows:

The paper cup machine will automatically produce and shape the long printed and packaged fan-shaped small paper strips into a disposable paper cup cylindrical shape, and then glue the disposable paper cup into the cup according to the hot forming, while the disposable paper cup uses coiled paper in the cup. At this moment, the paper cup will automatically feed paper and cold stamping die.

Then, the paper cup will stick the inside of the cup to the edge of the cup wall, and then warm air blowing will occur to check the adhesion. Then there is the extrusion tap step of the paper cup machine, that is, when the bottom of the disposable paper cup is bonded, a layer of scratch is rolled according to the molecular thermal movement. The next step is the wrinkle step of the paper cup machine, which is to wrinkle the lips of the disposable paper cup.

The job responsibility of the paper cup machine is to slowly start from automatic paper feeding, and then produce and process the finished disposable paper cup through continuous production processes such as bottom flushing, edge bonding, temperature rise, bottom turning, screw tap extrusion, wrinkling, cup unloading, etc.

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