Plywood problem of automatic carton machine

I believe you are very familiar with the full-automatic paper box machine. Today, with the rapid economic development of this economic and social development city. There is no doubt about the rapid development of the industrial production of outer packing boxes. The full-automatic paper box machine that promotes students is playing a more and more important role in the packaging design industry, but they say anyway. All industrial equipment and products must be damaged. In particular, the location of industrial equipment is damaged. Today, we are going to tell you about several vulnerable parts of the automatic paper box machine. OK, let's go and have a look! Cone paper cylinder forming machine

1. There is no doubt that the cutter plays a key role in the development of cartoning. Therefore, after a long time of use, the cutter will become less and less sharp, so it needs to be disassembled.

2. Its function is to help the cutter shake back and forth. The last time the cutter works, the tension spring works the same time. Therefore, the prefabricated component is also included in one of the vulnerable parts of the full-automatic paper box machine.

3. The transmission timing belt is mainly used to clamp the paper box for forward transmission. After a long time, the texture on the timing belt will be polished to reduce the sliding friction of the timing belt. The agents of the one-piece wrapping machine will deviate in the direction during the working process. At this time, it is necessary to remove the timing belt.

No matter in people's daily life or work, there are many wastes, most of which are waste printing paper. When their number exceeds a certain standard, solving them is a specific problem. So how did they dissipate? The following is the technical equipment of the outer packing box. You can have a look at the conveyor belt.

The waste paper packer is equipped to solve the problem of waste printing paper and books. It is promoted by a four column hydraulic press and has two operation methods of manpower and PLC control system. The hydraulic cylinder is a seal ring made of imported raw materials, with quality assurance. The feeding cylinder and feeding head are connected by an inclined structure, and the seal ring has a long application time. It can reduce and bag all kinds of waste printing paper, waste plastic, waste cloth, corn straw, cotton, straw, grain and other wastes, double and reduce their capacity, which is conducive to the outer packaging box, further improve the labor efficiency, and reduce many human resource management, material resource network resources and indoor space design.

The waste paper packer produced by dahuoer company has the outstanding characteristics of tight structure, high cost performance, high-quality stability, air product design, convenient and fast operation and maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection. Dahuoer enterprise has promoted a lot of time and energy in the research and development of new products. With solid professionalism and excellent production equipment, it can really ensure that customers can buy at ease and use the safety factor.

Due to the existence of the fully automatic paper box machine, we have avoided the trouble of waste paper in our lives. Also, because it can be recycled, we have made selfless contributions to the energy for social and economic development.

The function is to improve the indoor space design for employees. The fully automatic packer is fully automatic, reducing human resources and improving work efficiency. The automatic production line is composed of network server, belt conveyor, hopper and air cooling system.

The key parts are stable, relatively high, easy to use and good safety performance.

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