Classification of paper cup machine

The paper cup machine is a kind of paper container made of base paper (white paperboard) made of analytical chemical wood paddle, which is mechanically processed, manufactured and bonded. It has a cup-shaped appearance and can be used for frozen products and hot drinks in winter. With the characteristics of food hygiene, safety, lightness and convenience, it is an ideal mechanical equipment for public places, restaurants and restaurants. Cone paper cylinder forming machine

Disposable paper cups are divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups

Single sided PE coated paper cup: the disposable paper cup produced and processed with single-layer PE coated paper is called single PE disposable paper cup (the disposable paper cup commonly sold in the Chinese market, and most advertising paper cups are single-sided PE coated paper cups). Its expression is: the side of the disposable paper cup containing water is covered with smooth and delicate PE film;

Double sided PE coated paper cup: the disposable paper cup produced and processed with double-sided PE coated paper is called double-sided PE disposable paper cup. The expression is: PE coated inside and outside the disposable paper cup (mostly used for cold cups);

Disposable paper cup specification: we use ounces (oz) to measure the size of disposable paper cups for the company For example, 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces disposable paper cups are common in the market

Ounces (oz): ounces is a unit conversion, which means that the net weight of 1 ounce is equivalent to the weight of 28.34ml of water. It can be described as follows: 1 ounce (oz) =28.34ml (ML) =28.34 g (g)

Disposable paper cups: in China, people call 2.5-32 oz cups disposable paper cups.

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