Maintenance methods of production equipment

1、 Manufacturer preventive maintenance

In short, preventive maintenance is the maintenance carried out because it can quickly prevent difficult problems. There are two necessary conditions: the industrial equipment shall be inspected on time in order to find that the shutdown or other matters needing attention are caused, and whether the above conditions can be removed in the initial stage to realize the maintenance of industrial equipment for operation or repair. Ice cream cone tube forming machine

2、 Routine maintenance

It is the daily or weekly theme activities of industrial equipment inspection, elimination, adjustment, lubrication, parts disassembly, etc. That is because it can avoid the embrittlement of industrial equipment faster, reduce the embrittlement rate, improve the application life of industrial equipment, and effectively reduce the maintenance consumption.

3、 Improved maintenance

In case of equipment failure caused by industrial equipment, in addition to completing the repair of the industrial equipment, the overall improvement of the equipment should also be carried out, such as changing the design scheme and improving the raw materials. This can take this opportunity to improve the professional operation skills of industrial equipment and save time and effort for future maintenance. The improvement of industrial equipment is not necessary for maintenance, but also based on the needs of production and manufacturing.

4、 Maintenance

Equipment maintenance management is not a goal, but a theme activity to better ensure the standards of production and manufacturing for automated equipment as soon as possible and to maintain and improve equipment utilization. Most of them expect to improve the characteristics of industrial equipment in the design scheme and production and manufacturing links of equipment, and design the industrial equipment that does not require maintenance, has very little maintenance as far as possible, or is conducive to maintenance in case of equipment failure, Reduce the amount of tasks for equipment maintenance management.

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