The development of automatic carton machine and its influence on society

The automatic carton machine has long been the cornerstone of the trade production and manufacturing automation control, which represents a large number of production efficiency in the manufacturing industry. It is a compound that separates various research achievements and the application of new technologies. Early automatic control refers to stand-alone automatic control or simple automatic control transaction line. Cone paper cylinder forming machine

Since the computer came into being, with the rapid development of electronic components network technology, a variety of new technologies have been applied, which has also promoted the automatic control of the transaction process. From the automation technology trading line to the automation control trading production line, and then to the past automation technology work types, it can be said that without computers, there would be no trading production and manufacturing automation control.

The damage of automatic carton machine to the development of social economy is long-standing. It not only damages the working efficiency and product quality.

Mechanical automation has changed everyone's daily life style of trading, production and manufacturing. It can make more rational use of network resources and electric energy, save resources and greatly reduce air pollution, which is undoubtedly a good information for the development of the whole social economy. In addition, the automatic control trading production and manufacturing has also improved the work standards of employees, reduced labor efficiency, and the trading production line is not as noisy or hot as it used to be.

Damage of automatic carton machine to social and economic development

The automatic carton machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the hardware factory. It can be used to produce the embedded holes or British thread in the embedded holes of different parts. But as an industrial equipment, the universality of automatic carton machine is difficult to avoid. Therefore, when we usually use the full-automatic planer, we must apply a more appropriate operation process and do a good job in daily affairs handling and maintenance.

At the beginning, the milling cutter of the automatic carton machine should be yes. Assuming that the model and specification of the external thread hole to be manufactured are not matched with the milling cutter, not only the British thread cannot be tapped, but also the milling cutter will be damaged.

Secondly, when adding smooth grease, the selection shall be carried out according to the data of the parts as far as possible. For example, when trading holes for manufacturing steel parts, smooth grease can be added, which can not only make the inch thread brighter, but also reduce the wear of milling cutters.

In addition, when hitting with a milling cutter, pay attention to whether the milling cutter is a spatial quadrilateral hole surface, so that the drilling and cutting can be stronger.

Later, after a part is manufactured through trading production, do not blow the slag with your mouth, otherwise the slag may enter your glasses, and the slag should be properly disposed of.

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